Founded in 1989, Sally Scott Interior Design (SSID) is a full service interior design company providing professional design services throughout New England. OUR team consists of Sally Scott (designer), Megan Winkler (designer), and Cheryl Holmes (administration).

Sally understands the importance of establishing a sincere and straightforward relationship with her Clients. Listening and interpreting their design goals is a skill she has developed over many years. Megan has been working with Sally for 24 years. Her dedication to the Client and to the integrity of design is unsurpassed. Megan’s artistic abilities, her light hearted nature and serious commitment to design have made her an indispensable and respected part of the team.

Thirty years have flown by, during which time Cheryl and Sally have been working the administrative and facilitation piece of the business together. Cheryl’s extensive workroom provides the necessary expertise for research, manufacturing and development. Her knowledge of the behind the scenes aspect of interior design is the foundation of a successful company.

Sally and her dedicated staff have proven time and again their ability to work within a budget and time frame, to provide a wealth of resources, to make careful and personal decisions for the project that result in an extraordinary and impressive interior for each Client, making each NEST THE BEST.